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Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.6

Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.6:

  • Mogan Research v1.2.6

New Features

  • Packager: add support for Ubuntu 24.04
  • Beamer: support moving slides up and down
  • UI: focus mode to toggle the visibility of menu bar and toolbars
  • Font: new implementation of Font importing
  • Font: support FZXiaoBiaoSong-B05S (Requests from seed users)
  • Style: caching via content digests
  • Plugin: protocol scheme_u8 for flushing the UTF-8 scheme code snippets
  • Plugin: brand new S7 Scheme plugin for the interactive SICP course
  • Plugin: re-add Python plugin with Conda support (Requests from seed users)
  • Plugin: initial support of the Code plugins
  • Plugin: initial support of the Style plugins

Bug Fixes

  • Stability: Fix typesetting failure caused by ones (0) in the Octave session
  • Editor: Fix Edit->Copy to->Image
  • UI: Fix wrong style sheet of View->Full screen mode
  • Performance: Fix 100% CPU usage when autosave is disabled (SAVANNAH #62156)
  • Layout Engine: Fix rendering of linked image on Windows using absolute path
  • OSPP PDF: Fix for a couple of bugs

Changes for Developer

  • Deprecate the support for Qt 5.x
  • Upgrade to xmake v2.8.7
  • Separate moebius from Mogan STEM Suite

Enjoy exploring science and technology!