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Installation Guide

Official Packages

Operating SystemDownloadMD5 Checksum
Windows (>=10)⏬ Download36dcac15825bbb527de51e348d18df7a
macOS (>=11)⏬ Download6224ba3a809a1d20ee118c20ee06d4a6
macOS arm (>=12.6)⏬ Downloadbac4d3acb670905acea567f28c1e84f8
Ubuntu 20.04⏬ Download722add12fe4aeba0ed8c3c7bef10f79a
Ubuntu 22.04⏬ Downloadd45cca14fa8e36f55f5e2c1c1dffe76d
UOS amd64⏬ Downloade65a45c5e836fb8949cfb2f9f2858725
UOS loongarch⏬ Downloade1b2a8a63912ea28980b5becb80a2f49

Other sites to download:

Old releases:

GNU Guix

guix install mogan

More info:

Note: CJK characters in the menu might be displayed improperly, please learn how to configure a Guix OS.


winget install -e --id XmacsLabs.Mogan

More info on winget:

Arch Linux (AUR)

yay -S mogan

More info:

openSUSE (OBS)

Use the default package management tool zypper:

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install Mogan

Or, use the OBS package installer opi:

opi Mogan

More info:

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