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Installation Guide

The latest stable version is Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.5 LTS, you can check if there are new releases in the Help -> Welcome menu entry.

Official Packages

ProductOperating SystemDownload
Mogan Research v1.2.5Windows installer (>=10)⏬ Download
Mogan Research v1.2.5Windows portable (>=10)⏬ Download
Mogan Research v1.2.5macOS (>=11)⏬ Download
Mogan Research v1.2.5macOS M1/M2 (>=13)⏬ Download
Mogan Research v1.2.5Ubuntu 20.04⏬ Download
Mogan Research v1.2.5Ubuntu 22.04⏬ Download
Mogan Research v1.2.5Debian 12⏬ Download

SHA256 checksum:

f4d485b2add98b8d9618b2a82ba3f6720fad78fcdefc91eb6263d3cb4c39a370  MoganResearch-v1.2.5-64bit-installer.exe
8164c4e7766c72a0010d7db7abd62d338d8ede7aca22bc5550391937d7d301f5  MoganResearch-v1.2.5-arm.dmg
361354aad2a5de93d22508bb784c0e940a43d28d559dda79803499f4fb3c0dc6  MoganResearch-v1.2.5.dmg
498c232ec032d41d8cfa3edc10814ff7a0015818fe43fe8542f9807e2ec04b18  mogan-research-v1.2.5-debian12.deb
558ad6a1dd4f384d33b0dfed9a1171ebcccdb71f417173a2f0f010d838c35dbf  mogan-research-v1.2.5-ubuntu20.04.deb
a147c7630b99592f77437172de3245e11f930bff23c61c622d0a03a4b0104daa  mogan-research-v1.2.5-ubuntu22.04.deb

Mogan STEM Suite:

  • Mogan Research (installers on Windows/macOS/Ubuntu/Debian)
  • Mogan Code (no installer, still in development)
  • Mogan Beamer (no installer, still in development)

Other sites to download:

GNU Guix

guix install mogan

More info:

Note: CJK characters in the menu might be displayed improperly, please learn how to configure a Guix OS.


winget install -e --id XmacsLabs.Mogan

More info on winget:

Arch Linux (AUR)

yay -S mogan

More info:

openSUSE (OBS)

Use the default package management tool zypper:

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install Mogan

Or, use the OBS package installer opi:

opi Mogan

More info:

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