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LTS Releases

Patch releases will be available for Long Term Support (LTS) Releases in a fixed cycle.

To clarify, taking 1.2.5 LTS as an example:

  • v1.2.5.1 is the first patch release of v1.2.5 LTS.
  • The last patch release will be released before 2025/02/27
VersionRelease DateStandard support untilQt
v1.2.9 LTSaround 2024/08/252025/08/25Qt 6
v1.2.5 LTS2024/02/272025/02/27Qt 5/Qt 6

Major Releases

Mogan STEM Suite is derived from GNU TeXmacs.

Mogan versionbase TeXmacs versionStatus

There are three statuses:

  • LTS: Long Term Support version available
  • WIP: started but no Long Term Support version available
  • EOL: end of life

Minor Releases

Since v1.2.6, Mogan will be released bi-monthly.

VersionRelease ManagerRelease DateMajor Changes
v1.2.9 LTSaround 2024/08/22
v1.2.8around 2024/08/08
v1.2.7around 2024/06/27
v1.2.62024/05/21Code plugins
Style plugins
v1.2.5 LTSDarcy2024/02/27Binary plugins
Image plugins
v1.2.4Darcy2024/02/01Hot fix on v1.2.3
v1.2.3Darcy2024/01/30Support Noto CJK fonts
v1.2.2Darcy2023/12/23Hot fix on v1.2.1
v1.2.1Darcy2023/12/21Performance Tuning for the initial start-up
v1.2.0Darcy2023/12/03Rework of v1.1.x using xmake

From v1.2.0 to v1.2.5, Mogan is released monthly except for hot fixes.

Enjoy exploring science and technology!