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Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.1

Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.1:

  • Mogan Research v1.2.1

Known Issues

  • It will crash easily when activating the structural search/replacing window
    • Solution: use v1.2.2 or later version
  • It will crash easily when switching to Edit->Preference->General->Buffer Management->Documents in separate windows
    • Solution: use v1.2.2 or later version

Major Changes

  • Fixed failure of File->Export->LaTeX introduced in v1.2.0
  • Fixed crash when clicking Edit->Keyboard->Keyboard Editor introduced in v1.2.0
  • Packaging: Create desktop shortcut and start menu shortcut on Windows
  • Packaging: fixed the missing .desktop file on Linux
  • Packaging: Support UOS (arm64 and loongarch64)
  • Performance: Improved font finding for truetype fonts to speedup startup for new users
  • UI: Add Chinese translation for all the menu entries (not including submenu), and improved several Chinese translation
  • UI: File-Open defaults to the user's home
  • UI: close an maximized Mogan and then launch Mogan, the window is still maximized without any shift on Windows
  • UI: switched to file explorer implemented in Qt to avoid the failure to open files occasionally
  • UI: add 宋体/黑体/仿宋/楷体 to the short font menu for Chinese document
  • Style: invalidate the style cache when a style is changed
  • Editing: Switch to the kde shortcut style for Deepin desktop and KDE desktop on Linux
  • Versioning: Fixed several bugs on Git versioning
  • Stability:Fixed several severe bugs which will freeze or crash Mogan

Enjoy exploring science and technology!