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How to test

For Developers, there are two way of testing: Unit tests and Integration tests

Unit Tests

C++ Unit Tests

bin/test_allRun all C++ tests
bin/test_kernel_l1Run C++ tests in Kernel L1
bin/test_kernel_l2Run C++ tests in Kernel L2
bin/test_only [target-name]Only run the specified C++ unit test

Scheme Unit Tests

Build, install and launch Mogan Research, and then insert the Scheme session to run the Scheme unit tests:


Integration Tests

Source code and docs for integration tests are in TeXmacs/tests. To run integration tests, one must build and install mogan:

  • use bin/test_all_doc to run all integration tests
  • use xmake run [target-name] to run the specific integration test, eg. xmake run 9_1

List all targets

Use the following commandline to list all targets. The targets (ending with _test) are C++ unit tests, the targets like [0_9]*_[0_9]* are integration tests.

$ xmake show -l targets
color_test        parsexml_test          qt_utilities_test
string_test       converter_test         17_1
list_test         keyword_parser_test    image_files_test
xml_test          9_1                    array_test
12_1              mogan_install          queryxml_test
point_test        tree_test              hashmap_test
rectangle_test    mogan                  env_length_test
url_test          libkernel_l1           analyze_test
libkernel_l2      hashset_test           libmogan

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