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Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.5 LTS

Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.5 LTS:

  • Mogan Research v1.2.5 LTS

This release is for bug fixes and user experience improvements.

Notable Changes in v1.2.5.4 (2024/05/04)

  • Graphics mode
    • Fix copy/cut of the whole graphics area when it was selected via mouse
  • User Interface
    • Add View->Focus mode as a replacement of View->Header bars

Notable Changes in v1.2.5.3 (2024/04/15)

  • Plugins
    • The Python plugin now supports using virtual environments created by conda
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the issue that using a separate window for structured replacement may cause Mogan to crash

Notable Changes in v1.2.5.2 (2024/04/08)

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed the issue where single replacement and replace all functions in the bottom toolbar do not work when clicked with a mouse
    • Fixed the issue where the "File -> Export -> Editable PDF" function does not work when the PDF version is greater than 1.4
    • Fixed the layout engine error caused by executing ones (0) in the Octave plugin
    • Fixed the issue where the Portuguese dictionary file is ineffective due to incorrect naming
    • Fixed the issue where styles and images in $HOME/Documents cannot be referenced on the macOS platform
    • Set qt6-qpa-plugins as an explicit dependency to solve the issue of not being able to start normally after installation on Ubuntu
  • Slide Styles
    • Adjusted the default page type to 16:9
    • Defaulted slide presentation to fit width
    • When the slides are rendered as book, the document will be automatically adjusted to fit the width upon opening.
  • Plugins
    • Unified the calls to executable files into binary plugins
    • Built-in Python plugin, where the location of the Python interpreter is determined by the Python binary plugin

Notable changes in v1.2.5.1 (2024/03/14)

  • Shortcuts
    • Fix for the unexpected commit of the ESC key
    • Fix the keyboard insert of backtick (For the SICP Open Course)
  • User Interface
    • Fix messy UI style of View->Full screen mode
  • Beamer mode
    • Add the slidemove plugin authored by @woutersj to adjust the orders of the slides
  • Scheme session
    • Fix encoding of scheme-eval (For the SICP Open Course)

Notable changes in v1.2.5 (2024/02/27)

  • Installers
    • Official deb installer for Ubuntu 20.04
    • Official deb installer for Debian 12 (bookworm)
    • Portable installer for Windows 10/11
  • Beamer mode
    • Fix failure to change the background image when changing the theme on macOS
  • Shortcuts
    • macOS: Command +/- with/without shift to zoom in/out
    • Fix unexpected commit of unrecognized shortcuts
  • User Interface
    • Fix open file via double click with unicode/CJK name on macOS
  • Layout Engine
    • Fix the region invalidation issue when deleting
    • Fix failure when setting the columns number of the specific content to 2 in beamer mode
    • Support numbers in Chinese for the number primitive
  • Performance Improvements
    • Improve the speed of parsing TeXmacs documents
    • Improve the speed of rendering Pine beamer theme
  • PDF Import
    • Add File->Import->PDF with embedded document... instead of File->Open the "editable" PDF document
  • Version Control
    • Fix the viewer of the history version in Version->History on Windows
  • Image plugins
    • Improve the support for Postscript image format
    • Improve the support for SVG image format
  • Session plugin
    • Fix the encoding of CJK characters before and after scheme-eval
  • Code plugin
    • Re-add the syntax highlighter for Python

Enjoy exploring science and technology!