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Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.3

Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.3:

  • Mogan Research v1.2.3

Important Changes

  • Performance improvements
  • Many bug fixes
  • User Interface improvements

Detailed changes that affect users

  • User Interface
    • Make Tools->Keyboard->Show key presses work on Windows and Linux
    • Fix: crashes at opening on macOS arm with external monitor
    • Fix: no priviledge to access $HOME/Document on macOS
  • Editor
    • Add std VCtrl+Shift+v or Command+Shift+v)to paste verbatim
    • Add the menu entry Edit->Paste verbatim
    • Remove Primary/Seconday/Ternary in Edit->Copy/Paste/Cut
    • macOS: use Command+left or Command+right to move by word
    • Insert hlink ([ ] var) or slink ([ ] var var) using markdown style shortcuts
    • Fix input method lost when the cursor is at the start of the line especially for old computers
    • Fix failure to zoom out by Command+minus on macOS
  • Font
    • Improve support on the Noto CJK fonts
    • Set default CJK fonts to Noto CJK on all platform if exists
    • Support CESI fonts
  • Plugins
    • Maxima: Fixed the slowness in the editing area
    • Maxima: visit the remote online Maxima manual when click the Help icon on the focus toolbar
    • Spell: enable Edit->Spell on Windows and Linux
    • Spell: Fixed the crash on Windows when neither hunspell nor aspell is installed
    • LaTeX: Fixed the incorrect encoding when copying the several equations to LaTeX snippet

Changes for Developer

  • Use xmake-requires.lock to make the build system more reproducible
  • the installer on macOS arm is now packaged by github action

Enjoy exploring science and technology!