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OSPP 2024


Conversion from TeXmacs format to HTML and docxDarcy Shen (UTC+8)Basic
Add Multi-Tab Display and Switching FunctionsOyyko (UTC-7)Basic
Project: Syntax highlighting for programming languagesjingkaimoriAdvanced
Project: OpenType math font supportMassimiliano Gubinelli (UTC+1)Advanced

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Stage 3: Student Registration, Mentor Communication, and Project Application

  • Deadline: 2024/06/04
  • Mentors:
    • Darcy Shen
    • Oyyko
    • jingkaimori
    • Massimiliano Gubinelli

Please use the TeXmacs forum, instance message apps or email to get connected with your prefered mentors.

Stage 2: Project Submission and Review

  • Deadline: 2024/04/29
  • Who: Darcy Shen

Four projects published. Four mentors registered.

Stage 1: Community Registration and Review

Enjoy exploring science and technology!